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We welcome custom cake designs! We love to work with our clients to make their ideas come to life and to celebrate all the tastes that make a person special. At Celebrations we encourage our clients to Celebrate Every Day! When thinking about your next custom cake we help walk you through the process of selecting not only the intricate design, but the type of icing, flavors of cake and any special needs that you may have.

A Touch Of Class

A traditional cake that not only looks beautiful, but tastes extraordinary is still a classic staple of what we do. Call us today to discuss how to order that trusted classic that you and your family love.

More Than A Dream

If you can dream it, we can make it! We love the ability to match a cake to a hobby, special interest or design that is unique to you or the one who is being celebrated.

Birthdays & Beyond

A birthday cake should be memorable! No matter if it is your first birthday or your 100th, we want to celebrate with you! Let's create together. t!

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